Our Work

Spring Workday at Heritage Park

Perhaps the most significant project to date has been the development of Heritage Park on Coakley and Falls Islands near downtown Canton.  The addition of parking, a wood carving of J. Henry Rushton, trails dedicated to Peter Van de Water, educational signage that highlights Canton’s industrial history and cultural heritage, construction of the Peter and Kathy Wyckoff boardwalk, and restoration of the King Bowstring Bridge make the Park an inviting area for both recreation and learning.

Additional achievements include a toxic clean-up on Willow Island, initiation of the development of Rushton Place on the site of the former Gray Lanes, and creation of the Dwight D. Church public park at the corner of Main and Gouverneur Streets in Canton.

Future Plans

Our objectives for the future include providing educational and recreational programs, collaborating with local organizations displaying historical river artifacts, interpreting the river’s industrial and cultural heritage, and promoting good environmental practices.

A new outdoor “sculpture park” on Willow Island in Canton is in the planning stages.  Other projects focus on supporting improvements to Taylor Park, encouraging development of a safe canoe and kayak access site in Pyrites, and organizing volunteer days to improve the appearance and well-being of the river corridor.  We are collaborating with the Morley Grist Mill Association on a possible renovation of that site and with the St. Lawrence Land Trust on projects that protect the ecology of the riverfront while promoting responsible public access to Hart’s Falls. 

Grasse River Heritage sponsors a Summer Solstice Event in Heritage Park and an annual Donor Appreciation Reception. 

General Info

A local organization committed to improving the areas on and around the Grasse River Corridor in the Village and Town of Canton.

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